Winter Village 2017 - Diorama
Photo of Ginger Cook - 2017

Ginger Cook

Meet the artist behind these fantastic creations and notice her passion for the fine art of acrylic painting.

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Just released...the must-have collection of tutorials covering all of the "Back to Basics" as well as some full-length lessons that you can download and own forever.
This is just shy of 12-hours of video lessons broken down into "bite-size" pieces for your viewing pleasure. 
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New Home for...
Keep Downloadable Tutorials

We are going to be expanding our offerings for the downloadable lessons that you can purchase, download and keep forever! We will continue to offer the very best lessons at affordable prices so everyone will be able to experience the joy in creating their own works of art with acrylic paints.

Our Offerings to You

We are offering fine are in the form of downloadable video lessons, the unique teaching style of Ginger Cook.

You Own Forever

Once purchased, you will own the lessons forever. If we offer an update to a lesson, you will also have access to that at no additional costs.

Our Mission to You

It is our goal to educate others to paint their own masterpieces and to make it affordable to learn. 

We will teach the world to paint with acrylics...

one brush stroke at a time.

This is our Downloadable Website.

You will be able to download the lessons and own them forever. You can watch them either online or download them. You can play them on all types of equipment from phones, tablets, computers and televisions. Life is good!
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