Enchanted Wishing Well

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Learn to paint this enchanted forest with its many waterfalls and an magical Wishing Well by Ginger Cook.
Let your imagine hear the sounds of the rushing waterfalls as you paint this peaceful scene with Ginger's expert step by step teaching techniques.
Our poem by Ginger Cook and Jon Little is below.

The Wishing Well

Please do not be offended by this request,
To invite you along on another quest --
This Wishing Well carries something oh-so-great,
When you and I join together and participate.
With this very small rental fee, we ask,
Help us now to complete a kind and positive task.


Hold fast to the dream that is in your heart,
For all such dreams must have a start.
Then take some paint and pick up a brush;
Begin your dream without a fuss,
For it's not the paint that makes your dreams come true
but just painting dreams can bring them close to you.


Grab a canvas, some paint, and start;
Paint this Wishing Well with all your heart.
Each time you think of things you wish were done,
Remember the joy of painting, and why it's such fun.
For every dream must have a start,
Creating hope from deep within your heart.


And as you gaze upon your art,
Listen to the voice guiding, and take it to heart.
Think and remember all of your dreams,
For wishing Wells, like prayers, can be more than they seem.
As you paint this scene of hope, flowers, and trees,
A portion of the cost will bring another artist ease.
For not all artists have the funds to keep their dreams alive,
Of learning needed skills, to help their souls to thrive.


When we teach the world to paint, which is the dream of ours,
And share the joy that artists get from painting many hours,
We know that now, in some small part,
We are helping others through learning a fine art.
With your help, you and I may lend a hand,
Helping yours, mine, and their dreams expand.


And so, we share our thanks with you,
One of our Merry Band of Artists crew
We also offer to you a courtesy,
Freely given with this small lesson rental fee.
Join us, now, and receive a one-time pass
For Personal Art Coaching, if you should ask.


Hold fast to the dream that is in your heart,
And share the richness and hope of beautiful art.

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Ginger will walk you through this painting step-by-step so you won't get lost.
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