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Ginger Cook

Meet the artist behind these fantastic creations and notice her passion for the fine art of acrylic painting.

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Just released...the must-have collection of tutorials covering all of the Back to Basics as well as some full-length lessons that you can download and own forever.

This is just shy of 12-hours of video lessons broken down into "bite-size" pieces for your viewing pleasure. Learn more about this exciting set!

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$ Keep Downloadable Tutorials !

We are going to be expanding our offering for the downloadable lessons that you can purchase, download and keep forever! We will continue to offer the very best lessons at affordable prices so everyone will be able to experience the joy in creating their own works of art with acrylic paints.

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Our Offerings to You

We are offering fine art in the form of original acrylic paintings, puzzles from original artwork and one of the most sought after items on the planet...Ginger Cook Imagination Cloths.

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We are trying to give everyone an opportunity to purchase a piece of artwork created by Ginger Cook. Some of the offerings are truly one-of-a-kind and are totally original.

Our Mission

It is our goal to either educate others to paint their own masterpieces or make it affordable for everyone to own a piece of original art by Ginger Cook. We will teach the world to paint with acrylics one brush stroke at a time.

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What's being said about Ginger?

I fell in love with this painting the first time I saw it! I’m so excited because I would never EVER have tackled this project before… but you sort of demystified the process. It actually seems doable now!!!!! Thank you Ginger for sharing your wonderful gift of painting and teaching with us!!!! Angel

I just watched this. Looking at the painting I thought there was no way I could paint this. After watching how detailed the instructions were broken down I’m looking forward to painting this myself. Ginger you are a wonderful teacher and you’ve really instilled a confidence in me that Has been lacking in my art work. Thank you! Rebecca

I am new to your class and I love your style. I am also new to painting. Your videos certainly make the paintings look doable. I am a caretaker for my mother and I watch your videos very early before she gets up. The geranium video was wonderful. Thank you for sharing your talent. Karen
My favorite part is dry brushing, and see a rough painting come to life. Ginger, I just love the way you teach, and your story telling just brings me right into what art is all about, expressing yourself. Thank you to you and Jon for what you do. HannaLise

A super fun painting! I am so thankful for the different styles because it really gives us a chance to discover what we like and perhaps do not like as much. I look forward to doing more Monet paintings for sure!! Tiffany

This is our Downloadable Website.

You will be able to download the lessons and own them forever. You can watch them either online or download them. You can play them on all types of equipment from phones, tablets, computers and televisions. Life is good!
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