Apple with Slice - Introductory Level Lesson as a Downloable

We are offering this lesson as a downloadable for several reasons. Some people wanted to see if our lessons will work on their systems such as phone, tablet, TV or computers. Others have been curious about what our lessons really look like from the Academy. We also offer some lessons only as downloadable or for sale such as our "Village" series of lessons. And let's not forget about the people that just don't have a good enough internet speed to watch our lessons online. These folks can go to a public internet access such as a coffee shop or library to download their purchases. Once downloaded, no internet access is required.

We have made three lessons avaible for viewing for free on our Academy website, starting with the Introductory Apple, This is the same lesson that you have an opportunity to download and own forever. The other lessons in the Apple Series will be available for purchase later or can be viewed on the Academy website..

We also have a "Back to Basics Series 1" set of 24-videos that show you about all of the basic skills you need to paint along with Ginger Cook. This lesson, "Apple with Slice", is an "Introductory" level lesson that anyone should be able to paint just by following Ginger's instuctions, but with the basic skills learned in the Series 1 will speed your learning.

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This is our Downloadable Website.

You will be able to download the lessons and own them forever. You can watch them either online or download them. You can play them on all types of equipment from phones, tablets, computers and televisions. Life is good!
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