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Back to Basics - Series 1 - Complete Acrylic Painting Tutorials Purchase lesson for $49.95 or 4-Credits.
This lesson is almost 12-hours and broken down into 24 episodes.

This series of video tutorials will teach you the basic skills that you need to paint the lessons that can be found on GingerCookLive.gallery website...the "Online Academy of Fine Art and Acrylic Painting" in the Ginger Cook style of painting.

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Bookshelf – A Still Life Study Purchase lesson for $64.95 or 4-Credit
This lesson is almost 6-hours and broken down to 12 episodes

In this lesson, "Bookshelf – A Still Life Study", Ginger shows you how to use a palette full of colors to create this three-dimensional acrylic painting that will challenge even our more seasoned artists. This complete lesson is over 5-1/2 hours long. Please review the lesson before you try to do this lesson. You how […]

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Mulberry Hill in Autumn with Adjusting Contrast Bonus Lesson Purchase lesson for $69.95 or 4-Credits
This tutorial is over 7-hours and is broken down into 20 episodes.

In this lesson, "Mulberry Hill in Autumn", Ginger shows you how to start from a smaller sketch painting, 9x12, and enlarge it to this beautiful 18x24 masterpiece. Some new color of paints were also used in this lesson. Make sure that you watch the lesson on adjusting contrast before attempting this lesson. Also, plan on […]

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Oregon Coast Purchase lesson for $79.95 or 4-Credits
This lesson is almost 6-hours and broken down to 12 episodes

This painting of the "Oregon Coast" will be a challenge to paint this 24x30, but will be well worth it for your portfolio of artwork. Ginger will take you step by step and she will show how to layer the different colors to create this coastal masterpiece. This is day 1 of 3 days of […]

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You will be able to download the lessons and own them forever. You can watch them either online or download them. You can play them on all types of equipment from phones, tablets, computers and televisions. Life is good!
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